Continuing strong economic growth in the Asia Pacific region, led by China and Singapore, has transformed this part of the world into one of the most important and busiest business travel destinations today.

With outside companies and local enterprises accordingly increasing their activity in the area, there’s an even greater need for ongoing and tailored support.

This is where we come in. Our network of local agencies is equipped and ready to deliver a travel program suited to your exact requirements, allowing you to focus on key business priorities.

Asia Pacific Members

Astrindo Travel Services

Established in 1986, Astrindo is recognized as one of the leading travel agencies in Indonesia with offices in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Balikpapan. Astrindo caters to the needs of large international and national companies, as well as FITs. Astrindo is also experienced with handling groups and corporate clients with MICE services in Indonesia, and globally.

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Cola Tour

DaTang Plus

Established in 2003, DaTang Plus Travel has always been bringing high-class business travel services and integrated system solutions to corporate clients through highly effective expense management and cost reduction power.

Services include business travel management consultation, business travel products purchase consultation, business travel IT system, global air/hotel/rail/airport services, MICE, and vacation planning.

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Global Union Express

Global Union Express Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok in 1980, initially to handle both inbound and outbound Aeroflot passengers. By 1990 the market had boomed and their first subsidiary company, Aeroglobal, was formed to handle part of the Russian and Eastern European markets.

Since then, the global group of companies has grown to include Air People International, Asian Flight Service, and Global Express Centre, plus branch offices in Chiangmai, Pattaya, and Phuket.

From inception, Global Union Express, one of the first accredited IATA agents, has been among the leading travel agents in Thailand. Their corporate division has built a reputation for providing quality, professional service based on our expertise and reliable customer service.

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Hayleys Travels

A fully owned subsidiary of the Hayleys Group, Hayleys Travels is an IATA accredited travel agency handling a diverse portfolio of corporate clients since 1984.

Hayleys Travels leadership status has been etched over this time span of over three decades given the unparalleled experience, expertise, and professionalism they possess, placing Hayleys Travels among the country’s largest travel solutions providers. Their robust growth, dynamic outlook and visionary intent as a globally competent specialist travel agent has been given due recognition by leading international airlines.

Their customized solutions are delivered timely and efficiently, with expertise and specialization beyond the norm, taking full advantage of the services and value additions they possess within this entity and their group, which enables Hayleys Travels to present the A to Z of complete travel solutions.

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Founded in 1980 as a pioneer of providing discount airline tickets, HIS been growing with the support of many customers. In 1994, HIS established a department specialized in corporate sales from the viewpoint of wanting to make use of that experience in the field of business travel to reduce travel costs.

HIS has grown to handle companies in various industry sectors, various multinational companies, and many mega-companies listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market.

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North Star International Travel, Inc.

North Star International Travel, Inc. is more than just a conventional travel agency. With more than 27 years of experience in the travel business, North Star Travel has proven itself to be an all-around travel management company that provides innovative travel advice and expertise. The company was officially licensed to operate as a travel agency on March 13, 1990.

In just less than two years of operation, North Star International Travel earned recognition and accreditation by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) because of its aggressive marketing efforts and impressive sales production. North Star Travel has consistently been recognized by major airlines for its outstanding sales performance.

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Sedunia Travel Services

“Sedunia” means “one world” in the company's Bahasa Malaysia language. Sedunia Travel Services may come from a land far apart with diversified cultures, and speak different languages, and yet their company philosophy holds on to the belief that we are but living in “one world."
  • Mission Statement: to be a full-fledged travel management company recognized by their clients for our professionalism and providing a service comparable to the best in the industry.
  • Vision: to elevate the company to be amongst the top travel management companies in the country with well-trained staff known for their professionalism and integrity in the industry.
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UOB Travel

UOB Travel is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the United Overseas Bank Group, with 45 years of presence in the industry. UOB aims to serve as a value-added travel service platform for its Retail and Wholesale banking customers. Specifically to corporate travel, UOB provides a comprehensive range of full-service travel solutions that are best suited to the diversified needs of corporations and small to medium-sized companies. In addition, the company's expertise in travel management consulting generates the highest level of cost-savings for its clients and provides support for traveling employees every step of the way.

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Is your coverage global?

Yes. We have over 100 partner agencies across 6 continents. Every one of those agencies is a carefully vetted local expert and a shareholder in the Radius Travel business.

How do you ensure consistency across your global network?

Through rigorous vetting, demanding SLAs and deep relationships with our members. Agencies join Radius through a six-step process that ends with board-level approval. Once they join us, they go through an eight-week implementation program that includes data certification and training on our sales, account management and operations processes. Finally, they become shareholders with a vested interest in the reputation and growth of the business. As well as working to the same standards, we’re all working towards the same goal.

What’s your approach to global account management?

We believe account management should be consultative and analytical. Radius global account managers (GAMs) don’t just act as day-to-day contacts. They also proactively monitor client programs for savings opportunities and service issues, consolidating data and feedback from each country. At local level, local account managers work closely with GAMs during the implementation process, and are responsible for adherence to service requirements. Our GAMs are also supported by global analysis specialists, who provide market-leading consultancy on all aspects of a client’s business travel and travel expenditure.